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Constantine Caracostis


My Story

A Houston resident since 1981. Retired since 2015 from the Oil Industry, where I worked in a technical area related to the research, development and design of deep water offshore platforms. Real Estate has attracted my serious interest during the last few years, after my retirement.

My technical education (BSc, MSc, Phd in Civil/Structural Engineering) plus a business degree (MBA) provides me with a unique background to offer my clients solid advice in making the right choices, whether buying, selling, leasing or investing in real estate. Even though I may not always have an immediate expert response to their questions, I promise to reach out to my network of more experienced colleagues to provide them with the most appropriate answer.

My mission is to perform my fiduciary duties as a realtor with honesty, friendliness and no sales-pressure approach, and to cultivate long term relations with my clients.

I was born in Athens, Greece, where I pursued my primary, secondary and undergraduate education. After a brief exposure to the building industry there, I decided to pursue graduate studies in the United States, where I have resided almost continuously since 1970. I moved to Houston in 1981, and I have been residing in the energy corridor, my primary area of Real Estate expertise.

My wife, my daughter and I like traveling in various parts of the world, with an annual visit to Greece, to enjoy the sun, the sea, the food and the visits to the archaeological sites, a source of wonder for my young daughter from her exposure to the Greek mythological stories.

I believe that today people are quite sophisticated, especially about their real estate needs, they have discriminating tastes and demand efficiency and competence. Buying the house of their dreams for a young couple or selling a house where a family lived for many years are actions that can cause a great deal of stress, notwithstanding the financial aspects. Those who wish to invest in real estate they demand market area expertise plus competence in financial calculations. And my long work history as an engineer has equipped me with problem solving skills that I believe are very valuable in the real estate business in helping my clients make their best decisions.

As a REALTOR®, I aim to satisfy all my clients’ concerns in a friendly and cooperative environment. I hope to earn your trust and business, my main source of satisfaction to feel successful in the real estate business.


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